Gentle Hands (from Inspire Me – Gotham Music GM194)

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The Gift (from It’s Gonna Be Good) // Chieli Minucci
  1. The Gift (from It’s Gonna Be Good) // Chieli Minucci
  2. Lost Not Found (from World Journeys – Gotham Music GM174) // Chieli Minucci
  3. Mr. Marzipan clip // Special EFX featuring Chieli Minucci - All Stars
  4. Till the End of Time (from Genesis) // Chieli Minucci
  5. Ozone Alert (from Global Village) // Chieli Minucci
  6. Sweet Memories of You // Special EFX featuring Chieli MInucci - All Stars
  7. Garden of Eden (from Deep as the Night) // Chieli Minucci
  8. Guitarzzz (from Sweet Surrender) // Chieli Minucci
  9. Love Is Always Young (from Got It Goin’ On) // Chieli Minucci
  10. Sneaking Around (from Gotham GM118) // Chieli Minucci
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